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Personal Branding

A block party was in the works with a band, games, communal foods, seating, a late-night DJ, and pool party. Virginia needed a hand with the final details.

What they thought:

  • Walked the venue (block and main house) to define areas for all activities

  • Talked through timeline of day asking questions along the way so no details were missed

  • Sourced vendors for rentals and cleaning services


10 Pie Recipes to Try This Fall 

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Personal Branding


Your personal brand refers to how you promote yourself. It is the expertise, experience & personality that you want everyone else to see about you. We discuss ways to define your personal brand starting with what matters most to you.

Thought provoking:

  • What are your values?

  • What is your elevator pitch?

  • What do you want people to say when you leave the room?

  • How can you grow your online presence?


Rachael facilitated a motivating presentation to my sorority on the topic of personal branding. She has been an inspirational role model for the Gamma Lambda chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau at Kutztown University, and we always enjoy having her attend our events and hearing her speak. She has provided our chapter with networking skills and helped us represent ourselves accurately, and the way we wish to be seen in a professional setting. As young women, we are grateful for the advocacy and guidance she has brought to our chapter over the last few years. We look forward to what the future brings for us.

Alexa Carmichael

Director of Philanthropy

Alpha Sigma Tau, Gamma Lambda Chapter

Kutztown University


I had the privilege of hearing Rachael speak passionately about empowering women in the workplace through networking at a corporate women’s impact group event.  Her insights were not only enlightening but also incredibly motivating.  Rachael’s ability to articulate the importance of building strong professional networks for women was truly inspiring.  Her expertise in fostering connections and creating a supportive environment for women to thrive is commendable.  I left the event feeling empowered and equipped with valuable strategies to enhance by own career through networking and awareness.  Rachael’s contribution to the event undoubtedly made a lasting impact on all attendees, and I highly recommend her as a speaker for any future empowerment-focused gatherings.

Becky Eshbach

Senior Director

Customer Success, Marketing & Community Relations

UGI Utilities, Inc.

Women in the Workplace

Overview: It's science - a woman's brain work differently than a man's. Women communicate differently, lead differently, and are successful however women face numerous obstacles in the workplace. From a pay gap, to being the "only" at the table, to having to choose between family or work, the obstacles are unique. These obstacles are doubled for women of color. This research based discussion will...

Thought provoking:

  • Educates on issues past and present and key terminology

  • Ways you and/or companies can be more inclusive

  • How to advocate intelligently

  • How to grow your network through empowerment

Importance of Diversity

Research shows a more diverse workplace or group of people produces more successful results. But diversity is more than in the workplace and needs to be understood from young adult to working professional. 

Thought Provoking:

  • Understanding what diversity means

  • How you can ensure diverse ideas are heard

  • What does your circle look like? 

  • What does your workplace look like? 

  • In depth look at your own practices & biases


Mrs. Romig has a talent for instantly building rapport with the students at Antietam MSHS.  She has presented to the 11th grade Future Me class numerous times since 2019.  She has the unique ability to convey her ideas on business, entrepreneurship, and diversity, while being informational and passionate at the same time.  Her passion for helping people is reflective in the preparation she puts into speaking with the students and through her interactions with them, which often leads to thoughtful questions from high school students.  I look forward each semester to her returning to my classroom to speak openly and honestly about the opportunities students have before them.


Mr. Darin Burgon

Antietam Middle Senior High School


Rachael is one the favorite guest speakers in my class. Her enthusiasm and positivity is contagious! She has spoken to my Hospitality Management class for 10+ years and her presentations never repeat. She speaks about her experiences as a small business owner, her roles with nonprofits, her hospitality industry positions and life lessons learned through it all. She is honest and passionate. My students remember her and reflect on her message in classes years after hearing her speak. 

Jennifer Wakemen
Assistant Teaching Professor
Hospitality Management- Entrepreneurship

Penn State Berks University

Finding Your Way & Following Your Passions

An entertaining view of Rachael Romig's path from high school to college, college drop-out back to college, and professional journey to business owner and advocate.

Thought provoking:

  • What are you passionate about and how can you create your own happiness? 

  • Mistakes don't need to stop you, or define you.

  • Saying "yes" to opportunity

  • Creating a network for success

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